Osteopathic Medicine and Women's Health

Mar 16, 2023

Relationships and Swinging?!

Mar 02, 2023

How To Be Unapologetically YOU!

Feb 16, 2023

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Healthy Is Hot Podcast

Host and Health Coach Chloe Wilde speaks with inspiring guests who live passionate lives, creating space for their stories to be shared with a focus on health and wellness. 

Riley is a Pelvic Floor Osteopath who specializes in women's health, newborns, and endometriosis and raising awareness about women's health...

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Ashleigh tells us if truly understand our expectations and preferences in relationships, marriage, family, and life, it can help us get exactly what we want...

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As a yoga teacher, Jessamyn has created an inclusive yoga space for being yourself, releasing judgement, and letting every part of your journey shine...

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Healthy is Hot Coaching Program


Level up your health to level up your life!

Welcome to the Healthy is Hot Coaching Program.

This is a holistic health coaching program designed by Healthy is Hot founder and certified Health & Life Coach Chloe Wilde to help ambitious, driven and goal-oriented powerhouse women, re-prioritize their health.

The Healthy is Hot coaching program will help you build the habits that lead to long-term lifestyle change so you can perform where you play.

Want to learn more or join the program? Click below.

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Get to Know Chloe Wilde & the Healthy Is Hot Story

"Healthy is Hot" was born in a reality show.

In 2013, I was a part of a Canadian series where MuchMusic was on the hunt for their next VJ; being on the road for a month combined with crazy amounts of stress that I was going to screw up and be sent home threw me on a downward spiral of not eating well. There was a moment where I realized how bad I was being to my body and decided to take back some control - I went to the gym and used the hashtag #healthyishot for the very first time. Fast forward to today and we are here.

This is a community for everyone wanting to be their best selves; we aren't perfect, we aren't know-it-alls and we definitely like the occasional glass of vino. We are real, raw, sassy and ready to shake things up to create a safe, supportive space where we promote self-love, open discussions about difficult subjects, and tips & tricks on living your best life.


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