Meet Coach Chloe


For a very long time, I had a skewed and often toxic relationship with the concept of what it meant to be healthy, and even now it’s still a continual work in progress. But, after years of hating the person I saw in the mirror, inspecting every so-called “flaw”, comparing myself to others, belittling my self-worth, engaging in disordered eating behaviors, trying every diet under the sun and exercising on and off in a yo-yo fashion, I can sit here and share that this is the most “whole” I’ve ever felt.

When I look at food now, I no longer see my self-worth reflected in the choices I make, going to restaurants or events no longer brings on intense anxiety, daily movement is a non-negotiable but not as punishment for eating or an annoying item on my to-do list but rather something I look forward to and savour for both my physical and mental health. When I see myself in the mirror, the ugly thoughts that I used to hurl at myself have shifted to kinder more appreciative sentiments that recognize the progress I’ve made and will continue to make. I no longer go to sleep thinking about everything I consumed that day balanced with how much I moved or wake up thinking about how I should really be “better” today.

Looking back, my less than desirable relationship with food, exercise and body-image began when I was a teenager but spiralled in an extreme direction when my entire life changed at 24 years old. On a sabbatical (brought on by a burn out) from my second degree at McGill University, I felt lost and unsure of my identity, underweight and very unhappy with who I was. From the outside looking in, you might have thought “Wow, that girl has got everything going for her! A great social circle, impeccable grades at a fantastic university, she volunteers abroad, has multiple jobs, runs regularly, has a loving partner, she’s always smiling blah blah blah”... Clearly, for years I had mastered wearing a mask, trying to please everyone around me, being “perfect”, living up to unrealistic self-imposed expectations, and not liking myself.

Then came an unexpected surprise, the opportunity to embark on a cross-country reality show that would propel me into the Canadian media industry and land me a coveted job as a VJ at the iconic MuchMusic. During what was supposed to be a restorative and health-focused sabbatical, a life-changing opportunity presented itself and I dove right in. That time period was an extremely pivotal year; not only did I reach a fork in the road for my career, but also for my health. At my unhealthiest, I became even less healthy. After winning the reality show and moving my life from Montreal to Toronto, I made a promise to myself to commit to being the healthiest version of myself and launched a health & wellness website, Healthy Is Hot (HIH).

Since then, I have followed through on my promise and cultivated a community through HIH where we are unfiltered, vulnerable and candid when it comes to health. Quote from Chloe (to be featured): “I have followed through on my promise and cultivated a community through HIH where we are unfiltered, vulnerable and candid when it comes to health.”

From day one of building HIH, it was imperative that health be looked at from all angles: from physical health to mental health, nutritional health to our mindsets… When all of those areas are attended to, that is the true meaning of health. But one area reigns supreme in my books, mental health. It is the foundation of health. Healthy Is Hot has since expanded into a podcast and a 6-part series on Crave. This brings me to where we meet now - the world of coaching.

  • As your coach, I will be your biggest cheerleader but may occasionally call you out
  • As your coach, your goals become my goals
  • As your coach, I will remind you that YOU are worthy of showing up for yourself the way you so easily do for others or for your career, or your family
  • As your coach, I will have your back. I want to see you succeed as we work together to tackle movement, nutrition coaching, meditations, life coaching, gratitude practices, and so much more
  • As your coach, I am committed to supporting you every single step of the way.
  • As your coach, I promise to cultivate a supportive environment with curated information throughout your transformation within the program

It’s been a long and certainly not easy journey to get to where I am now but today I stand proudly as a certified health & life coach as well as a passionate advocate for mental health and balanced living! It’s because of my past struggles that I am on a mission to help women with big dreams who may feel currently trapped like I was many moons ago – not liking myself, dieting, over-exercising, confused, overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin.

Get to Know Chloe Wilde & the Healthy Is Hot Story

"Healthy is Hot" was born in a reality show.

In 2013, I was a part of a Canadian series where MuchMusic was on the hunt for their next VJ; being on the road for a month combined with crazy amounts of stress that I was going to screw up and be sent home threw me on a downward spiral of not eating well. There was a moment where I realized how bad I was being to my body and decided to take back some control - I went to the gym and used the hashtag #healthyishot for the very first time. Fast forward to today and we are here.

This is a community for everyone wanting to be their best selves; we aren't perfect, we aren't know-it-alls and we definitely like the occasional glass of vino. We are real, raw, sassy and ready to shake things up to create a safe, supportive space where we promote self-love, open discussions about difficult subjects, and tips & tricks on living your best life.


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