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Beach Workout Anyone? Here's a Lower Body Workout That You Can Do From Anywhere!

fitness Jan 14, 2022

The summer months are approaching, and the warm weather is finally here! I don’t know about you, but this means I’ll be taking a lot of my workouts outdoors from now on…and I just can’t wait! 

Whether you’re spending time at your cottage, working on your tan at the beach, or simply soaking in that extra vitamin D, you can easily sneak in this quick lower body (glute focused) workout during your outdoor days. 

I’m all about consistency and making sure that your fitness routine suits your lifestyle, so I’ve come up with a list of “do them from anywhere” workouts that will help you stay active all summer long! Workouts at the beach anyone? 

Grab a resistance band and let’s get to it! 


Glute Focused Circuit 

  1. Banded Squats 

  2. Banded Squat Pulses 

  3. Banded Crab Walks 

  4. Banded Lying Lateral Leg Extension (right leg) 

  5. Banded Lying Lateral Leg Extension (left leg)

  6. Banded Glute Bridge 

  7. Banded Glute Bridge Flys

30 seconds per exercise / 10 second break between each exercise

1 minute break at the end of the circuit 

Repeat circuit 3x to 4x

No band, no problem! I promise you’ll still get a great workout without. 

PS. This circuit only take 16 to 22 minutes to complete  ☺

Now go get that burn! 

Sara xx

Article by: Sara B. @hello.sara 

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