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Finding Joy In The Kitchen

Feb 02, 2023

Hi HIH family!


This week on the Healthy is Hot podcast, Camille Arcese (Cami Cooks) shares her path leading to her dream job and passion - cooking. For as long as she can remember, Cami always wanted to cook on TV. But, it took her a while to realize that dream. Her family had ‘regular’ jobs and anything outside of ‘regular’ wasn’t something she was used to. However, after CRUSHING her first catering job for a friend’s party of 60+ guests, Cami knew what she had to do.


On this episode of the podcast you’ll learn more about…

  • Learning how to take up space that you deserve

  • Celebrating that we are and can be more than ONE thing and that may not always look linear

  • Viewing food in a healthier way

  • Bringing joy into the kitchen


Modelling for 13 years came with challenges for Camille around the way she viewed and felt about food. But when she left modelling and pursued culinary school, it completely changed her relationship with food, and it never went back. We all get cravings - and when we say yes to those cravings, we have to remember to ENJOY these foods mindfully to help take away any anxious feelings and judgment.


How many of you struggle to find joy in cooking? Camille gives us some big advice on how we can find joy in the kitchen and take away some of the intimidation.


Step 1. You just have to go in and not be afraid of making mistakes - give it some effort and know there is another option if it doesn’t work out!


Step 2. Don’t feel like you have to cook everything! Find the recipes you enjoy and get good at that!


It is so important to celebrate that we can be more than ONE thing and learn how to take up space that we deserve. Yes, It can be challenging and we admit that sometimes it takes somebody else saying things out loud to recognize it and a certain environment for those words to sound true. Camille reminds us that we can be comfortable having more than one career and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing - you can find a balance.

LISTEN BELOW and pass this on to someone that could benefit from this raw and real conversation.

You are on your way to living your best life, your Healthy Is Hot Life!


Find Camille on IG here: @camicooks 

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