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Interview with Carmelinda Dimanno- Yoga/Wellness Expert

fitness wellness Jun 17, 2022

In a time when we are all trying to find our way after a worldwide reset, I would like to introduce you to Carmelinda Dimanno, a TO yoga angel. I first heard about Carmelinda through a girlfriend of mine who was raving about her classes, energy and coaching style.  As someone who has been in fitness for a couple of decades, I always perk up with interest when someone speaks of a trainer with such passion.  I personally have been wanting to add yoga, stretching and breathing techniques into my fitness routine to ensure I was using restorative energy to function at an optimal level.  I reached out to her and was blessed to lead her through the interview below that I share with all of you.  

As a brief intro, I will share that the most beautiful facet of Carmelinda is her genuine energy.  She enters a room radiant and yet very humble, and exudes a peaceful yet passionate vibe. One of her students - Maria Racanelli - shared the following with me as I prepared for this interview: “She (Carmelinda) embodies kindness, calmness, confidence (but without any arrogance or ego) and strength. She brings all of these qualities plus an enthusiasm which is genuine, authentic and comes from her heart and soul. I immediately respond to all of her attributes which makes her Yoga classes (whether it being a Vinyasa Flow or BodyART or Barre) so so so enjoyable, mentally spiritually and physically strengthening but also respecting the body by avoiding injury-causing exercises. She just really knows how to encompass all of the benefits of Yoga with an awesome fun-spirited approach.  Plus, she has the most amazing music playlists accompanying all of her classes which truly blow me away every time. She understands the importance of how music can soothe or energize and incorporates this perfectly into all of her classes.”  After years of suffering with depression and anxiety, Carmelinda decided to change her story as she fell in love with yoga.  Her practice became a part of her lifestyle transforming lives by sharing her passion.  She inspires by simply being who she is. 

Tell me about how you fell in love with yoga. 

In the past I was experiencing a lot of anxiety, depression and insomnia, and I attended a hot yoga class.   After I left, I felt calmer and I started sleeping better.  I got certified, not thinking I was going to be a teacher, I wanted to take on this Yoga journey for myself.   Through the training I found my voice.  When I did my teacher training, I was able to hold space for others, my capacity became expansive.  If you are present to what you are doing and are in your activity in passion, you are not thinking of the perception your students have about you. 

How do you apply your practice to your lifestyle?

For me Yoga is a practice that connects us to ourselves.  If there is one thing I try to cultivate in this space of teaching, it a reminder that there is a part of our being- despite our stress, anxiety and environment- there is still space that exists in each of us all the time I know when I am not connected to my space because of my awareness that it exists.  When my mind is in an irrational state of stress or worry, I am able to practice and get back to where I want to be. 

How do you incorporate nature in your training?

To me nature is the best place to do most things.  There is an immediate shift in our vibrations when we are exposed to natural environments.  Regularly I lead outdoor classes; it has cultivated the most beautiful community.  One of the primary things my students share is how good it feels being outside.  I lead a lot of local and internal retreats that are built around nature.  As much as I can connect with outdoor spaces and bring people to them, I try.  Whatever exposure I can get to nature is a practice to me. 

What is the importance of the breath in yoga?  How do you ensure to remain focused on yours?

My favorite part of the proactive is the breath work.  I ended up practicing Kundalini yoga and in this sort of yoga the big focus is breath work.  My life is very much gone into the direction of leading breath work.  I have a breathwork app, I do breathe work classes and attend breath work events.  At the beginning of every class I focus on breath, they are setting their tempo for the whole class.  I say “inhale/exhale” as I feel people need to be reminded and not get into their heads during class.  I feel it in the room, I hear it and I want them to know they are doing something so big and valuable by initiating breath work.  I do breath work every single day.  I do it before I brush my teeth, say my prayers.

When you don’t practice, what do you notice happens to you mentally and physically?

I notice immediately.  This is one area I am quite rigid in and ensure I start my day with my breath work.  If I do not, I don’t feel I have set my mind and I feel fogginess.  My morning rituals make me feel like I am brushing my brain in the morning. 

What are three small lifestyle tweaks you can recommend to our readers?

Journaling is an exceptional tool as an outlet.  Articulating on paper whatever sensation is making me uncomfortable becomes a channel to release and has a really big impact. A stream of consciousness writing out what we are experiencing or makes me uncomfortable.

If you are looking for a reset and clarity - minimizing alcohol consumption.  If drinking is pretty frequent, scaling back can support feeling better.

Find a way to move your body.  I view the body as a vessel of energy and I think that stagnation happens when we lack movement.  It may be jogging, weightlifting, yoga or walking but move your body to get your energy circulating so there is a more harmonious flow which impacts our state of mind. 

What is your favourite colour?

I’ve thought about this a number of times.  I grew up loving the colour orange and then went to purple.  Right now, my favourite colour is ocean turquoise.

I hear you are an incredible DJ - how did you get into this field and do you tie into your yoga teaching?

I have always loved music and worked in the night club industry for a long time in my life - hosting parties and being a part of event.  I was exposed to electronic music very young.  I was exposed to really good house music as early as 17 years old.  I worked in that field a while and when certain challenges arose in my life – about 9 years ago my dog was getting really sick and I know he was nearing the end of his life and I had a lot of anxiety about it.  My dog and I had a close relationship, probably a little codependent and things were coming up in my marriage.  I knew I needed a new outlet.  I put the message out there on social media looking for a DJ coach.  One person linked me to another and ended up being the best DJ coach and from there because of my previous network I was blessed to have opportunities to play publicly.   

What is something your students could not guess is a part of you?

A much as I am comfortable leading a yoga class or DJing for a large group of people, I am not particularly comfortable communicating to large groups of people when it is personal.  I pray a lot when I am DJing and teaching.  I am more comfortable having a conversation one on one.

Where can we take your classes and find out about your events?

Find out about my classes via Instagram at @Carmelindadimanno

And check out my website at

Things are often changing with new classes and events so please feel free to contact me directly:

[email protected]

What is a phrase you love that keeps you smiling in tough times?


This is a little prayer I will say when I am navigating something.  I am saying to God.  I can’t – I don’t know the solution.  You can – Universe, you have the solution.  I will let you - reminder to surrender.

Article by: Anouk M. @anoukm79

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