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Is Cuffing in Panda (pandemic) Times Possible?   

Oct 13, 2022

As I started to write this article I realized it might be mute. Why? As we slide into early fall 2022 we seem to be collectively coming up for air from the panda that's gripped everyone for 2+ years.  But, last time I checked it's still a panda, it's not endemic.  But most people are looking to move into a new normal.  While others want to "go back to how things were" (...not me, but that's a different culture convo).

So bring on Cuffing Season! Right? Not so fast...or alteast slow your roll. Ask yourself, how many of your coupled pre-panda friends made it thru the past 2+ lockdown years? I'd say about 50% of mine did. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. What I do know,  or rather have seen, is that some of those that didn't make it seem to be in a kind of desperate search for their next "person" and using cuffing season as the fuel. That's just so strange to me.

It's like they were frozen in time and are desperate to close the gap. For me, I've said no to more dates for a drink or coffee then usual. Simply because I get the desperate to cuff post panda vibes. And wait for it....I've even gone so far as to ask some guys when they last bedded someone. Why? It speaks to how much they are looking to close the 2+ yr no sex or coupledom gap and to prep for winter snuggles ( get the picture). Don't judge me! That's my measuring stick and I claim zero scientific basis behind it.

What I do know for sure going into Cuffing Season, as we swim to shore away from the panda is this...

✔️Rose coloured glasses come off at some point so look for your person with your eyes wide open

✔️Ask yourself what you crave, sex, or simply good human connections...the latter does not require cuffing

✔️Are you doing it for you or because you THINK everyone around you is coupled up

✔️What if you, or that person, catch feelings in the spring, what are you going to do then if your focus is short term

if you're really just hoping to satisfy a sexual craving, own it, don't call it cuffing,  because you know your naughty self (good naughty) would be looking any time of year.

Keep in mind as you continue, or start, to spin your head on a swivel looking for your cuffing person, that it comes with caveats.  Like holiday gifts, parties, NYE plans, potential office partays+++ . But whatever the case, have fun, own it, love it, be sexually careful,  free and all that good stuff and enjoy the cuff. 

Check out Kathy on IG (@kaysal2013) for what she's doing to disconnect, connect to good humans and her street to feet heat she's currently rocking!


Article by: Kathy Salazar/@kaysal2013


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