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IV Therapy - Why It’s Worth the Hype

wellness Feb 19, 2022

Much more than just helping you “detox”, intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy has so many benefits for our health and wellness! In today’s article, we’re diving right in.

First, let’s start with the basics. IV nutrient therapy works by infusing certain nutrients (like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and more) directly into the bloodstream. Getting these nutrients intravenously compared to taking supplements orally, has a number of advantages:

  1. Optimal dosing

IV therapy allows for higher and more therapeutic dosing of nutrients as opposed to swallowing multiple capsules daily - which let’s be real, is not always ideal! Many supplements out there don’t contain the necessary dosing for them to have real therapeutic benefit, or they may not be properly tested or well-sourced (which is why it’s important to consult with an ND prior to starting your own regime)! Optimal dosing via IV therapy means you’re much more likely to experience the actual benefit from nutrients that your body may be lacking.

2. Nutrient absorption

 Better absorption of nutrients is also a huge benefit of IV therapy. Because nutrients are infused directly into the bloodstream, this means they don’t have to pass through our digestive system first before being absorbed. If you tend to suffer from poor digestion, GI concerns, malabsorptive conditions, or increased inflammation, it’s possible you may not be absorbing nutrients properly from food or supplements - which can ultimately impact all of our body systems! IV therapy allows for enhanced nutrient absorption despite these issues.

3. Faster results

When nutrients are infused intravenously, they are immediately available for use by our body’s cells and tissues! This means you’re likely to notice more of an immediate effect afterwards - whether it be improved energy, increased hydration, better mood, reduced bloating, and more.

4. Compliance

If you find yourself struggling to be consistent with your supplement routine and taking them here-and-there when you remember, IV therapy is an alternative way to optimize your nutrient intake aside from diet. A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) can discuss with you about which IV formula and frequency might be best for you based on your lifestyle and health history.

5. Self-Care

In addition to its other health and wellness benefits, IV therapy is also an amazing form of self-care. Scheduling an IV treatment knowing you’re going to take the hour or so to rest, relax, and provide your body with important nutrients can positively impact your physical and mental health!

What’s involved in the process? You’ll likely consult with an ND or other healthcare practitioner prior to your first IV treatment to ensure it’s beneficial for you and to run some bloodwork. IV formulas can be customized depending on your specific health goals, nutrient deficiencies, and which body system(s) may need the most support (i.e. digestive, immune, endocrine, and nervous systems). Over time, you might notice improvements in your gut and skin health, hormones and menstrual cycle, energy, immune function, and ability to cope with stress. 

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Article by: Dr. Caroline Lewis

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