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Making Time for HIH Moments While on the Go

Jan 24, 2023

Working a 9-5 job can make it challenging to fit in your HIH moments. However, working a 9-5 job that requires travel, can make it feel nearly impossible. The days are longer when you’re on the road. You’re eating all your meals in restaurants and you’re often running from meeting to meeting, which means your routine is flipped on its head, and there’s not much time or space to adapt.


Work travel was actually the thing that inspired me to begin sharing my love of health and wellness. Early on in my career, I would be on the road for weeks at a time, which meant my regular routine was thrown for a complete loop. I would let it slide while I was gone, and then ‘start over’ once I got back home.

The problem with doing that was I would eat foods that didn’t agree with my system and drank way too much coffee. I practiced exactly zero of my wellness routines, including no exercise. I knew this wasn’t sustainable but changing the travel requirements of my job wasn’t an option. That’s when I began to find ways to keep my routine active, even while I was on the road.


Travel routines

I did this by creating health and wellness travel routines. The routines would depend on how long I was travelling, where I was headed, and who I was travelling with. If I was travelling on my own, I would research nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, and healthy restaurants I wanted to try, and sometimes even a fitness studio near where I would be staying. I always tried to book a room with a mini fridge, too, because that meant I could keep small quantities of fresh food on hand. If I was travelling with a larger group, I would still look into nearby grocery stores or pharmacies but would typically omit any other components that meant I’d have to stray too far from the group. Exercising in a group travel situation is always shorter and usually in the hotel room, but the goal was always to create a plan that would be manageable even if on other people’s schedules.



The most important thing I’ve learned on my work travels is that I’m not always going to be able to stick to the plan, but I can always do small things to make myself feel good while on the road. The routines I create for myself are not done with the intention of causing myself added stress — they are created so that I will always have a plan to keep feeling my best.

Full disclosure: I don’t always get to do all of the things I would like to maintain my wellness routine while on the go. I try to commit to at least two things I know I’ll be able to do without creating too much additional work for myself.


Tips and tricks

Here are the four health and wellness tricks I’ve used for years during my work trips. Implementing even a few of them has made all the difference in my energy levels, my mood and my overall health while travelling for work.


  1. Make a meal plan. I’m not suggesting you begin to cook and pack meals while you’re on the go. What I am suggesting is to try to have a meal plan, such as where and when you’re going to be eating to ensure you don’t skip a meal or end up rushed and choosing an option you wouldn’t normally go for. Another way to plan your meals is to know where grocery stores are in proximity to where you’re staying. This is a great way to stock up on snacks & water for your hotel room, or to keep in your bag throughout the day.


  1. Always, always, hydrate. This used to be something I was terrible at. I would go an entire day without any water and wonder why I’d end up with a headache by the time I got back to my hotel at the end of the day. Now, I have a water bottle with me on the plane, in my hotel room, and as much as possible with me throughout the day. I always try to find a nearby pharmacy or grocery store and pick up a litre of water for the day. This pushes me to drink the entire bottle and then refill the next day. Sometimes the litre lasts me a day or two, but at least I know I have water if I need it and I don’t risk spending ten dollars on a hotel bottle.


  1. Make time for movement. It’s clear that during a busy work trip, getting in your regular workout may be less than likely. Early mornings and late nights don’t leave a ton of time to get to the gym or find a class in a town you’re travelling to. That’s why trying to get movement into your day in other ways is always key while on the go. The simplest and most foolproof way is by walking. Try to walk to the office you’re working at or take a walk around the hotel property before or after your day. If walking isn’t an option for you, try to do an express low impact workout in your hotel room. This may be challenging with space, but as long as you have a little bit of floorspace, you’ll be able to get your body moving.


  1. Make time for one wellness practice per day. In addition to fueling your body while on the go, it’s important to fuel your mind. Committing to one wellness practice per day while you’re travelling will allow for this. Everyone’s wellness practices look a little different, so ask yourself — what fuels your soul? It could be a 5-minute meditation to start the day, practicing gratitude before leaving the hotel room, or making time to read a favourite book for half an hour to wind down before going to bed. Whatever you decide to do, commit to it. It will help clear your head and get you set up for a great day, or help you wind down and be more well rested at the end of a long one.


Michelle Levine | Personal Trainer & Group Fitness, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

IG @michlwellness


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