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Relationships and Swinging?!

Mar 02, 2023

This week on the Healthy Is Hot podcast, I have a BIT of a different chat with Ashleigh Renard who keeps it fresh, hot, and honest about swinging, as well as other relationship hot topics! 😉 During Ashleigh’s journey through marriage and motherhood, she decided to explore the swing lifestyle and documented her process in a memoir.


Tune into today’s episode to hear more about Ashleigh’s experiences and learn how truly understanding your expectations and preferences in…

  • Relationships

  • Marriage

  • Family

  • and Life

…can help you get exactly what you want!


Raised in Canada, Ashleigh is a former figure skater and choreographer, and mother of 3 boys. Her job was to be a “cooperation whisperer” with teenagers – teaching them to get along with everyone else on the team, even though they didn’t choose the team with these people.


Ashleigh references her memoir “Swing”, as a complete idiot's guide of what not to do in the swing lifestyle. Through her book, people started to reach out to her and share their relationship and marriage stories.


Most importantly, Ashleigh helps millions of couples explore the joys and connections available to them in their marriages, and being insistent about what you want. While a lot of us are clear about the things we hate, we need to think more about what we prefer and what we love. Once we truly understand that, we can see if we’re doing our own part to make that happen and if the people we have relationships with are also helping us achieve that. Then we can explore what we can do ourselves and in our relationships to improve.


LISTEN  now and pass this on to someone that could benefit from this raw and real conversation.


You are on your way to living your best life, your Healthy Is Hot Life!


Find Ashleigh on IG here: @ashleighrenard

Learn more about "Swing" here:


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