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Worried That Saturday Night Party Plans Will Set Back Your Fitness Goals? Here is Why Tequila Should Be Your Next Drink of Choice

Sep 01, 2022


We all know the feeling of being excited about a Saturday night plan but not wanting to

throw off the progress we have made at the gym. Though our minds may tell us that these two

activities cannot co-exist, being aware of our alcohol consumption is the key to maintaining a

healthy lifestyle. Like anything, balance will ensure that your goals are met while still splurging

now and then on something you enjoy. Having a few drinks with your friends once and a while

will not be the reason you're progress is thrown off, and with the proper knowledge, we can

decipher what works best with our bodies.

Now, with that being said, what can we drink that won't have us searching for an Advil

the following day? Although it may be shocking, tequila is our best bet and here's why:

One of the main ingredients in many tequila brands is agave, a natural sweetener produced from

various agave plants, primarily within Mexico. These natural sugars are extracted from the agave

plant and baked until the raw material is extracted. This process is far more natural compared to

other alcohols and benefits tequila's overall effect on the body. Just make sure that when you are

searching for a bottle that the label reads "100% agave"! Some brands that sell tequila made with

100% agave include Patron, Don Julio, Casamigos, and 818.

Tequila has significantly fewer calories than other hard liquors. For example, Don Julio Blanco

sits at 96 calories per 1.5oz shot, compared to Jäegermeister, which sits at around 160 calories

for the same serving size. This can help those who are trying to stay in a calorie deficit maintain

their goals while still enjoying a few cocktails. So next time you are out with your friends, trade

that Jager-bomb for a nice tequila soda!

Bye-bye hangover! Well, sort of. Due to agave being the primary source of sugar within tequila,

the likelihood of a bad hangover decreases due to its natural ingredient. Now, that's not to say a

hangover can't happen after drinking tequila, yet consumed in moderation, your chances are not

as high. When high amounts of sugar are absorbed into the bloodstream in a short period of time,

we are more likely to experience a hangover. Since agave is a natural form of sugar, it is easier

for our bodies to break down and store as energy.

Overall, it is essential to remember that alcohol should always be consumed in

moderation, and though there are benefits of drinking tequila over other alcohols, drinking too

much of anything can lead to serious health risks. While drinking in moderation, tequila can be a

great alcohol of choice due to its natural ingredient, agave, and is a low-calorie options. Now,

Saturday night plans don't have to be cancelled, and you can enjoy a few cocktails without

throwing off your health and fitness goals!

Written by: Aubrey Sanham/@fitnessbyaubs

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