Let's Talk About Resilience with Coach Chloe - Ep 143

Season #1

HELLO 2023! 🎉

Welcome back Healthy Is Hot fam! We are so excited to bring you a brand new season of the HIH Podcast. 🎙

This year, get ready to meet some bad*ss female entrepreneurs in the Health and Wellness space. They not only share their tips and advice on how we can live our best lives, but also take us through their journeys - getting REAL about the ups and downs of running a business as a woman in the industry.

To kick things off…let’s do a little catch up with HIH Founder and Host @thechloewilde to chat about some of the tools that everyone can use to support themselves this year as it brings new challenges and opportunities. 

*PLUS* get a sneak peek into the HIH App with a lesson on resilience - one of Chloe’s favourites! 😍

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