Finding Joy In The Kitchen with Camille Arcese - Ep 144

Season #1

This week on the Healthy is Hot Podcast, @thechloewilde welcomes our first HIH Podcast guest of 2023 - Chef Camille Arcese! @camicooks 👩‍🍳

For as long as she can remember, Cami always wanted to cook on TV. But, it took her a while to realize that dream. Her family had ‘regular’ jobs and anything outside of ‘regular’ wasn’t something she was used to. However, after CRUSHING her first catering job for a friend’s party of 60+ guests, Cami knew what she had to do…

Hear more about Cami’s story and how she was able to navigate the non-linear journey of achieving her dream career - a great reminder for all of us at HIH that sometimes we need to follow an indirect route to get to where we want to be!

Find Cami on IG: @camicooks

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