Let's Talk About Relationships And...Swinging? - with Ashleigh Renard Ep 146

Season #1

How many times do you wish you could just have open and understanding communication with your partner?

Today on the Healthy is Hot Podcast, @thechloewilde  has a BIT of a different chat with @ashleighrenard who keeps it fresh, hot, and honest about swinging, as well as other relationship hot topics! 😉

During Ashleigh’s journey through marriage and motherhood, she decided to explore the swing lifestyle and documented her process in a memoir.

Tune into today’s episode to hear more about Ashleigh’s experiences and learn how truly understanding your expectations and preferences in relationships, marriage, family, and life can help you get exactly what you want!

Find Ashleigh on IG here: @ashleighrenard

Learn more about "Swing" here: https://ashleighrenard.com/swing