What clients are saying

“This program is also so much more than weight loss and physical beauty (but you achieve this too which is stellar) - it goes deeper to connect you with your inner beauty, finding peace, kindness and love for yourself. It’s hands down the most sustainable program I have ever been a part of (and there have been many). It’s impossible not to achieve your own version of success with Chloe in your court - she’ll call you out, motivate you, and be there for you when you need it most.”

— Nat S.

“What Coach Chloe is offering is not just an outline of things you can do to improve your life - she’s offering lasting change, constant support and true accountability! I’ve seen improvement in my energy, and even when I’m tired I’m pushing through because I have so much more drive. The HPL community is such a bonus! There’s so much love and encouragement that it makes it a bit easier to deal with the tough days! I definitely think this is the place to start for anyone looking to invest in themselves.”

— Cobra S.

“I am amazed by how quickly my life could change. Going into this program I had other goals rather then weight loss. I wanted to get my healthy mindset back. It’s amazing to me that by following this program and starting small habits like getting 2L of water in and regular workouts would improve not just my physical appearance but my mental health. I’ve had so much personal success because I decided to make my health and wellness a top priority. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to kick their life into the next level.”

— Emily C.

“Working with Chloe was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did she provide lessons that helped me achieve my health/wellness goals but she constantly supported me throughout my time in the program. On top of the wellness changes, Chloe was a cheerleader for me through every accomplishment and every tough day. She consistently supported my growth; challenged me to keep up with my goals and reasoning behind them; and provided an accountable community that made me feel less alone throughout the process. I have grown so much, both in my physical and mental wellness while working with her.”

— Kirsti M.

“This is a complete lifestyle change and I can’t get over how much it’s been catered to me and my goals with the option for an amazing community group chat for even more support. I show up every day for myself knowing that I’ve got support from a coach who really cares about how I’m feeling, and helping me with new tools to reach my goals every week. I knew I’d find the program for me, I just can’t believe it and I’m finally feeling change that I’ve been yearning for.”

— Mel C.

My experience with Chloe and HPL has been transformative. I’ve never stuck to a routine like I’ve stuck to the one Chloe created for me. I actually find myself looking forward to the workouts and long walks! The HPL community is also awesome and full of inspirational and hardworking people. I’ll be keeping up with the lessons I learned in HPL long after the program ends. Can’t believe I only have 2 weeks left!

— Aidan G

“Best decision I’ve ever made for my mind & body. This program is not just about a physical workout of the coach’s choosing, but a complete workout of your diet, mind, thoughts, emotions, breathing, needs, wants, and goals. I was so impressed and hooked after the first week.”

— Lynda G.